LA Coastline Umpires Association is a group of progressive umpires dedicated to fast-pitch softball umpiring. We focus on providing quality training services while providing various local ASA leagues(B Division) with umpires for their Spring/Fall seasons, All-Star tournaments, and travel-ball(A division) friendlies/tournaments.

Mission Statement

The LA Coastline Umpires Association is a fastpitch softball umpire organization, founded 10 years ago by Debbi Lauderback and a group of Veteran ASA and College umpires. Our objective: to provide a high quality instructional program in the training, preparation and development of fastpitch softball umpires. We are committed continually to improving our unit through monthly round-tables, training clinics, a mentor and observation program, computerized assigning, and a website. We provide umpiring services to ASA girls fastpitch leagues, ‘A’ travel ball friendlies, and youth fastpitch tournaments in the Los Angeles, Southbay and Orange County areas. For information about our monthly round-table meetings or how you can get involved in our unit, please email us!

Please accept our invitation to join us at our next meeting. We meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:00pm. Meetings are free – please bring a friend along!

Interested in Joining? Please contact Steven Thompson on our staff page.

Ask him about our monthly meetings, workshops and upcoming tournaments and events.
All prospective members must submit a Membership Form, Click here.

The LA Coastline Umpires Association is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) fastpitch softball umpire organization. We are a year-round training organization established to provide a high quality instructional program in the training, preparation and development of fastpitch softball umpires. The underlying reason that we have our association is to try to keep people current and to stay sharp, and to keep them thinking about the rules. Year round, LA Coastline members continue training. Monthly roundtable meetings include case plays and discussions; unusual situations members dealt with or errors they made – along with good ole fashioned camaraderie. We have a variety of workshops and clinics that members can select from based on what umpiring goals each member has.


We understand that the process of umpire development and training is not unlike how coaches find ways to bring the most out of each player as individuals, which ultimately benefits the team as a whole. This is our primary objective in training, and in educating our training staff in how to approach instruction and mentoring.The LA Coastline Umpire Association is pleased at the opportunity to develop a complete, well-rounded umpire network that includes: * A managed umpire program. What this means is that not only do we have high standards set for our umpires for rules knowledge, mechanics and people skills (game management), we recognize that people develop and learn differently.

  • An understanding of the importance of a network of well-trained umpires that are professional and possess the knowledge and skills specific to fastpitch softball.
  • An observation/mentor program. Every umpire in our program is observed and evaluated up front; each is background checked and is ASA Registered. We wear polished, clean ASA uniforms – always.
  • A program to recruit and assist in developing of novice umpires, which likewise promotes umpire advancement.
  • An open line of communication through the use of liaisons we appoint to work in partnership with the Leagues and travel ball organizations we service, to achieve the utmost in professionalism regarding umpire and coach/team representative conduct.
  • Promoting camaraderie and good fellowship among its members.


While we embrace the traditions of the Amateur Softball Association, we facilitate the key theories and philosophies of the National Federation and the NCAA Softball Umpire Programs. Our focus is not limited by any one rules/mechanics code. We stay abreast of the new rules and concepts of these established fastpitch codes and communicate the best-of to our members. Our focus is on the advanced theory and philosophy of good umpiring.


we invite you to attend one of our monthly round-table meetings to check us out before joining. We meet the second Wednesday at 6:00pm every month (except July/August) in the Long Beach and Torrance, CA areas. There is no cost to attend and no obligation to join if you do come.

Bring a friend! See you there!



Want to join LA Coastline Umpires Association, click here for the membership form.

2015 LA Coastline Dues: Returning members, no need to send in the Member Form.
The LA Coastline dues are as follows:
LA Coastline Dues: if you have not paid your 2015 annual dues and you are a returning member, it is now $75.  If you are a first time member, dues is $10 for youth 17yrs and younger and $55 for adults. Payable to ‘LA Coastline’.  Note: If you are a first year umpire with no prior experience, we will get you in touch with our with Mentor Coordinator, Bob Raphael.

Send registration form along with dues payable to ‘LA Coastline Umpires Association’ to:
Los Angeles Coastline Umpire Association
P.O. Box 3641
Huntington Beach, CA 92605-3641

LA Coastline membership requires that each member register with ASA.  Their registration fee is set by the national office.  Within the next couple of weeks, you should receive a letter from the State UIC, Chris Drumm, along with an ASA registration form for 2015 and rules/field clinic fees.  When available, you can also download the 2015 ASA registration form at

ASA dues should be mailed directly to the SoCal ASA PO Box.  This information will be included in the letter from Jim Gibilisco(Now Chris Drumm), or, you can bring your dues to the November or December roundtable meetings, where ASA UIC James Walker will process it for you.  Reminder, you will need to provide a photocopy of your driver license and the background check form required by ASA.  Without this information, ASA cannot process your registration.

If you have any questions on processing your dues for LA Coastline or ASA, please contact the following people:

For LA Coastline:  Steven Thompson (Treasurer) via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For ASA:  James Walker (LASB, District UIC) via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ASA Registration Files

For more information, visit the umpires section of the 'SoCal ASA' website SoCal ASA Umpires.

The 2015 ASA clinics are now complete and certification for 2015 is no longer available.  You can still "Register" with ASA and must be to be assigned games for any ASA sanctioned leagues that we service.